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Yale Marvin Maurer Award

CLC has been chosen by Yale's Center for Emotional Intelligence as the recipient of the 2016 Marvin Maurer Award for our work in developing the PreK RULER program with our Yale partners! This award is given to organizations that exhibit outstanding commitment to promoting emotional intelligence.

CLC Maple Ave Head Start teachers recently wrapped up a RULER training session. Recognize, Understand, Label, Express & Regulate - a great way for kids to use their emotions in a positive way. A special early childhood version of RULER has been implemented for the first time at CLC.


March is National Nutrition Month

We have tons of awesome, healthy activities planned! This year’s theme is “Savor the flavor of Eating Right” - it’s all about encouraging everyone to make informed food choices and having fun being active. Check out our calendar of evening events! We’re hosting fun family fitness activities all month long!

Dr. Seuss's Birthday

We celebrated with the cast of Stamford High School’s Seussical. Even our infants got in on the fun - what a perfect way to introduce a wonderful children’s author! Seussical performances, presented by the The Strawberry Hill Players, will be 4/29, 4/30, 5/6, 5/7 at 7:30 pm with a 2 pm matinee on 5/7. Call 203-977-5606 for ticket information.

Alumni Visit

There was an extra special guest in CLC Palmer’s Hill room 3 recenty - a student from last year! It’s always great when alumni come back to visit, especially when they lead story time.

Early Childhood & Parenting Program Opens!

We celebrated the opening of a very special collaboration with Saint Joseph Parenting Center and Inspirica - from homeless to home. Congressman Jim Himes and Mayor David Martin joined CLC CEO Marc E. Jaffe, Saint Joseph Executive Director Measi O'Rourke and Inspirica CEO Jason Shaplen for the opening of our innovative new Early Childhood & Parenting Program!

CLC’s Annette Yarber-Crooks, the program’s education manager, and teacher Tamia Barr will work with children on sensory play, reading and art activities while parents attend classes in topics like family bonding and child development. For more information about the program, check out the recent feature in the Stamford times: New Inspirica program aims to end cycle of homelessness


It’s building time!

Preschoolers love building and creating – and, of course, demolishing! Providing different types of blocks is a great way to have fun while introducing real world subjects like architecture, geometry, construction and math.

State Rep. Caroline Simmons visited CLC Palmer’s Hill last week for a little arts and crafts time with CLC children and their parents during a come visit with me event!


Our classroom’s sensory tables always have something fun to discover!


CLC CEO Marc E. Jaffe spoke at Ferguson Library as part of a community conversation on early childhood literacy.

Discussion focused on the importance of reading to young children and strategies to promote family reading in the Stamford area. The first few years of life are critical in children’s brain development – young brains make trillions of connections the first few years. You can build comprehension skills early, even with the youngest children. Play games that involve pointing out and naming objects, listen to books on tape or simply tell children a made-up story.


Painting supports the development of creativity, but more importantly, it’s FUN! Plan cool art experiences at home by providing a special place for materials like watercolor paints, finger paints, brushes or other tools to paint with like sponges or toothbrushes. Learn more here.



Our friends from Edgehill made a special delivery to CLC Palmer’s Hill - hand-made winter hats! These lovely hats are truly the perfect way to stay warm!

Looking for a cool family activity for the New Year? Set up a large puzzle in a spot where you can work on it for a few days. Celebrate together when it’s finished! Puzzles help kids develop fine motor skills, critical thinking and logic skills.

Thank you parents for visiting us for a special seasonal performance and party at CLC Palmer's Hill!


Book Donations

We’ve been sorting through 1,000s of donated books and distributing them to classrooms and children. Thanks to our generous partners, all books are being put to good use!


Stamford Firefighters Visit

Stamford Fire Department Firefighters from Central Station, Engine 1 visited CLC William Pitt to teach the children about fire safety. Lessons included the importance of smoke detectors, Stop-Drop- and Roll and what firefighters may look like if they had to come to a rescue. We also set up classrooms as fire stations for extended learning opportunities.


Best part? Everyone had a chance to go inside the truck!


Lisa Tannebaum of Treetops Chamber Music Society visited Childcare Learning Centers Nov. 6 for a harp performance, music lesson and sing along. "My heart sang when I heard them sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,'" she said. Visit for more information.

Thank you to:

The Community Fund of Darien for a $10,000 grant in support of mental health

United Way of Western Connecticut for supporting: Early Care and Education Programs - $54,690 & Healthy Bodies Program - $21,400

Knobloch Family Foundation for a $50,000 grant for Music enrichment and to expand Yale Ruler program

News12 coverage of Pitney Bowes CEO Marc Lautenbach reading to children at CLC William Pitt.


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CLC has been chosen to be Yale University’s lab school for a 3 year grant that will develop a preschool program to improve emotional literacy in children...


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